دیکشنری تخصصی ایرانیان

دیکشنری تخصصی علوم دامی (انگلیسی به فارسی)

امور دامی

مشاهده کلمات دیکشنری تخصصی علوم دامی

abnormal| absorptive| acanthopagrus| acer monspessulanum| achillea eriophora| acid base equilibrium| acid binding capacity| acid detergent lignin| acid insoluble ash| acidophilus milk| acidulants| acipenser| acipenser persicus| acipenser stellatus| acorns| acyltransferases| adani goat| adaptation| additive and non additive genetic| adkar| aerial parts of potato| aerobic stability| aerobic staibility| afshari ram| afshari sheep| age at first calving| age at inflection point| age at sexual maturity| ageism| age of puberty| aging roosters| agoutis| albomin| a ldrfr theory| alhegi persarum| alkalin protease gene| allelic substitution effect| allelic variants| alpha lipoic acid| ammonia nitrogen| amygdalus lycoiedes| anacanthotermevagan| anaerabic fungi| anchor block| animal biotechnology| animal breeders| animal breeding improvement| animal fibres| animal genetics| animal growth hormone| animal growth stimulants| animal improvement| animal pregnancy| animal production| animal protein| animal trait| animal waste| annihilating ideal graph| antagonistic genes| antibody and sperm antioxidant| anticoccidosis| anti money| antinutritional factors| antinutritive components| antioxidant status| antral follicle| aphra behn| apoprotein| apple pulp| approximate bayesian approach| arabia lamb| arabic| arabic rams| arian broiler| arian chickens| aromatase| aromatase activity| aromatase inhibitor| aromatase inhibitors| artemisia| artificial fertilization| artificial neural network| ascites syndrome| asian sheep breeds| aspartate| association analysis| atabay| atp binding cassette transporters| atriplex lentiformis| attribute weighting algorithm| automatic speaker verification| automotive| average daily gain| avidin| azoospermia factor| bacitracin| bacterial inoculant| bacterial population| bacteriophage| bacteroides| bactocell| bactrian camels| baghi| bakhtiari sheep| baking soda| baloch male lamibs| baloochi sheep| baluchi ewe| baluchi lamb| baluchi lambs| bambermycin| barley grain| basal rations| bayesian method| bayesian method genetic parameter| bayesian statistical methods| bayesian statistics| bee colonies| beet pulp| behavior| behavioral response| behavioral responses of torists| benefit equation| bentonite absorbent| berberidaceae| best linear unbiased prediction| beta actin gene expression myostatin| beta actin methionin myostatin| beta adrenergic agonist| beta casein gene| beta hydroxy beta methylbutyrate| betaine supplement| beta mannanase| beta mannosidase| beyza| bile acids| bile salts| biofilm associated protein| bioinformatics designing| biological markers| biological molecule| biomarker| biotechnology| birth rate| blastoderm| blood biochemical changes| blood factor| blood metabolit| blood metabolite| blood metabolites| blood parameter| blood parameters| blood physiology| blood potassium| blooming| body chemical composition| body size| bolting| bone mineralization| bone morphogenetic protein| boustan| bovine leukocyte antigen| bovine serum 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cashmere| cation anion difference| cattle| caucasian alder| cellular immune| cellular signaling pathways| cellulolytic| cellulolytic microorganisms| centaurea zuvandica| cereal seed| cffdna| chain reaction| charge transfer complexation| chelated zinc| chemical and biological additive| chemical and biological treatment| chemical characteristic| chemical characteristics| chemical composition| chemical fertilizer| chemical inhibitor| chemistry course| chewing activity| chicken| chicken ecotypes| chimerich vaccine| chlorpheniramine| cholecalciferol| cholesterol biosynthesis| cholesterol efflux| cholesterol loaded cyclodextrin| chromium chloride| chromium methionine| chromium organic supplementation| chromium picolinate| chromosome conformation capture| ci| cicer arietinum residues| cidr| cinnamic acids| citrus pulp| cla| cladophora alga| cleistogamy| climate| climate projection| clinical mastitis| clique number| clostridium| clostridium perfringens| clove essential oil nanoemulsion| coating materials| coccidiostats| cock| coexistence| colostral immunity| commercial antioxidant| commercial strain| commerical hen| commiphora| common reed| communication flow| compensatory growth| complete feeds| compound feeds| compound fertilizer| computer assisted sperm analysis system| conjugated linoleic acid| consanguinity| constant function| cooked potato| copper sulfate| copy number variation| cornell net carbohydrate and protein system| corn silage| corn steep liquor| cotton seed cake| cotton seed hull| cottonseed meal| cotton seed meal| coumaric acids| cow nutrition| cpg island| cpg islands| cracass| cressa cretica| croosbreeding| crossbred cattle| cruciferae| crude fat| crumble| cryopreservation| cryoprotectant combinations| cull| cultivating bacteria| culture| cut point| cynara| cystine| cytochrome b| cytoplasmic| cytoplasmic effect| cytoplasmic inheritance growth traits zandic sheep| cytotoxic| cytotoxin associated gene a| dairy| dairy animal| dairy caw| dalagh sheep| 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kermani lambs| kermani lamb selenium| kermani sheep| kerman sheep| keshmir goats southern khorasan province| kidding| kids| kisspeptin| kleiber ratio| kullback leibler divergence| lactation| lactation curve| lactation period| lactation persistency| lactic acid bacterium| lactobacillus buchneri| lai| lake ghashghaei ewes| lambing| lamb meat| lambs| laryngotracheitis| lasalocid| lasso bayesian| latency to lie| lathyrus sativus| layer| laying hen| laying hens| lead nitrate| learning and groth performance| lebanon oak| lecithine| lecithins| legendre polynomial| leghorn hen| leptin receptor| lesser bindweed| leukocyte adhesion deficiency| leydig cell| l glutamine| linear discriminat analysis| linkage disequilibrium| linkage disequilibrium linkage analysis| linoleic acid| linseed| lipidol| lipogenesis| lipogenic diets| lipolysis| lipoproteins| liquid storage of semen| litter| liver activity| liver function| livestock breeds| livestock finishing| livestock numbers| loading arm| load 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network correlation| neurospora| neurospora sitophila| newborn calves| newcastle vaccine| next generation sequencing| ngs| nitrogen balance| nitrogen requirement| n metabolism| noet| nonbreeding season| non coding rna| non forage| nonlinear logistic| non starch polysaccharide| non starch polysaccharides| north| northwest horses| npy| nucleosome positioning| nutrient density| nutrient digestibility| nutrient excesses| nutrient improvement| nutrient intake| nutritional value| nutrition value| nutrition values| nutritivel value| nutritive value| nylon bag| nylon bags| oak acorn| object oriented satellite image processing| offenses| oil contaminate soil| oil products| oligosaccharide| oligosaccharides| olive leaf extract| onion shoots| onobrychis viciifolia| oppression| organic acid| organic and inorganic minerals| organic selenium| organic sources| organophosphates| origanum| ovarian development| ovarian tissue| oviductal| oviductal isthmus| oviducts| oviparity| oxidative stress|

تحویل تدریجی

سفارش شما به صورت تدریجی و در حین انجام ترجمه در چند قسمت برای شما ارسال می شود.

ارتباط مستقیم با مترجم

می توانید از طریق وب سایت برای مترجم پیام بفرسید و نکات خود را به ایشان اعلام کنید.

پرداخت اقساطی هزینه ترجمه

برای کتب و سفارشات حجیم می توانید هزینه را در چند قسمت پرداخت کرده و به همان میزان قسمتی از ترجمه را دریافت نمایید.

ضمانت کیفی ترجمه

ترجمه های انجام شده توسط ترجمه تخصصی ایرانیان تا 20 روز گارانتی دارند.